Just give us a minute and we’ll tell you, DAMMIT! Stress relief is the game and Dammit Dolls is our name. Ever been so stressed that you feel a crazy urge to shout and destroy? Been there, done that. Which is why we created a 12-inch doll that can take a whacking! Dammit Dolls’ voodoo charm, fun prints and side-splitting poem quickly make it everybody’s go-to stress management tool. Not to mention it’s saved people tons in damaged property bills and prevented numerous arrests (we’re guessing).

Our frustrated following demanded more, so we gave it to them. Since then, Dammit Dolls has created a variety of collections, fit for any Dammit Moment. Our collections include Political Dolls, Sports Themed Dolls, and various other Limited Edition Dolls. Essentially, a perfect doll for each and every one of your moments of despair. So next time you find yourself in a stressful situation, start slamming and get laughing!

SLAMMIT! DAMMIT! Get your happy back on...



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