Novelty Stress Relief Doll
The Victory
The Victory

The Victory

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Team missed another dunk? Dammit Doll will get you out of your funk! Near misses, fumbles and losses can cause extreme frustrations. WIN Dammit Dolls can take your game-day rage. Whack and slam this cardinal and gold gift until the stress is gone. This doll could really make a Southern California or Washington fan's mood a little brighter.

Product Details

  • Limited Edition Dammit Doll
  • Handmade.
  • 12" tall.
  • Polyester Poplin Fabric Exterior. Polyester Fiber Stuffing.
  • Safe for Ages 3+
  • Made for Ages 18+
  • You'll want one for yourself and find Dammit Dolls are a perfect gift!



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